As an Agency user, you are able to add clients or members of your sales team from your LeadOwl account. Adding clients invites the client or sales team user to set up their own LeadOwl account to access their leads.  Instantly after you add clients or sales reps, they will receive a text message inviting them to LeadOwl.  They will then click the link in the text message to create their password and download the mobile app.  Watch the video for the whole onboarding flow. 

Adding a Client from the Mobile App

First, log in to the mobile app. From the side navigation click on Agency.

Enter the information for the client or sales team member you are inviting to use LeadOwl to access is or her leads: Name, Email, Phone Number, and Timezone. Click the Add Client button.

Phone number format should follow:
U.S. - Area code, phone number
Ex. 520-555-5555

Outside of the U.S. [International]
+Country Code then phone number
Ex. +445555555555

In the UK and many other countries internationally, local dialing may require the addition of a "0" in front of the number.  When you are adding an international client's phone number in the Phone Number field in LeadOwl, be sure to remove the "0."  If you include the "0," there is no guarantee that your client with get the text message.  

Instantly an invitation is sent to your client in a text message inviting them to join LeadOwl.  In the text message is a link for them to click to set their password.  Once they have done this, they will immediately get a text message to download the app.  

Note:  If your international client does not receive the text message immediately, then reach out to Support.

Adding a Client from the Web App/Desktop Version

First, log in to your LeadOwl agency account.
From the side navigation click on Add Clients.

Click the + Purchase Additional Clients button for one of your available slots.

The Add New Client popup will open, fill out the information about the client/sales agent you would like to add. 

Enter their name, email, phone number and time zone. Click Send.

The client/sales agent will instantly receive a text message inviting them to LeadOwl to access their leads. They'll set their password, download the app, and log in. 

Remember to connect a page or sales funnel for the new client/sales agent. Once you've gone through the steps above to add the client/sales agent, they are good to go. They can now download the LeadOwl app and log in to the web version to see their slim version of LeadOwl, to get their leads! 

Quick Tip: From the Agency page on the desktop version, you'll see the list of the clients you've added to LeadOwl. 

If the status color is red, then the client you added hasn't yet onboarded. Remind them to check their email or text message and click on the link to setup their account.

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