As an Agency User, you can Add Clients/Sales Reps and LeadOwl will send an SMS text message instantly to onboard your client or sales rep. 

If you need to resend the onboarding text message since your client or sales rep didn't receive the initial one, here's how. 

Remember, the phone number you're entering in LeadOwl for your client or sales rep needs to be a number that will receive SMS/text messages, not a landline. 

How to Resend the Onboarding Text to a Client or Sales Rep

Log in to your LeadOwl account. Click on Add Clients. 

Next click on the Edit icon for the client or sales rep you'd like to resend the onboarding text message to. In this example we're going to resend the onboarding text to Mzee. 

The Edit Client popup will appear.
Double check the phone number is correct and that you've entered the correct formate for the phone number.

Phone number format should follow:
U.S. - Area code, phone number
Ex. 555-555-5555

Outside of the U.S. [International]
+Country Code then phone number
Ex. +445555555555

In the UK and many other countries internationally, local dialing may require the addition of a "0" in front of the number.  When you are adding an international client's phone number in the Phone Number field in LeadOwl, be sure to remove the "0."  If you include the "0," there is no guarantee that your client with get the text message.  

Click the Resend button. 

Instantly an invitation is sent to your client in a text message inviting them to join LeadOwl.  In the text message is a link for them to set their password.  Once they have done this, they will immediately get a text message to download the app.  

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