Log in to your LeadOwl account. Click on Add Integration. 

Using the dropdown, select your name, the Agency account holder.
Note: The page must be integrated with your agency account in order to use the lead rotator feature.   

Next, click on the platform you are integrating with. In this tutorial we're using Click Funnels as the example. 

Complete Step 1 and copy the webhook link. 

Complete Step 2 and name the funnel or page. 

Next you'll select whether you want to use the lead rotator for this integration. The default is set to Off. Click it to turn toggle to On if you'd like to use the lead rotator. 

When you toggle to On you'll need to select the Clients you want to be added to the lead rotator. 

When you click on the Select Clients field, a dropdown of your Clients appears.
Select all the Clients you want included in the lead rotator.
Note: A minimum of 2 clients must be selected for the lead rotator.

As you select the Clients, you will see their name added in the field.
To delete a client, just click on the X. 

Finish up the remaining steps to integrate. Be sure to click Integrate to save. 

The Lead Rotator is now set up and each time a new lead comes in to LeadOwl, the leads will be equally distributed to your sales reps or clients.

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