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Conversations SMS pricing United Kingdom

LeadOwl Conversations Feature Pricing Guide


Welcome to LeadOwl's Conversations feature pricing guide! In this article, we'll break down the pricing structure for our SMS messaging service from United Kingdom, providing you with a transparent view of the costs associated with using this powerful communication tool.


Our Conversations feature is designed to facilitate seamless and efficient communication between you and your leads via SMS. To maintain the high-quality service you expect, LeadOwl leverages robust infrastructure. LeadOwl provides a simple credit system that allows you to use credits purchased within the platform to send messages in conversations and make or receive calls.

SMS Pricing

SMS pricing is based on the destination and type of message you’re sending, as well as the carrier to which the SMS is being sent. Our pay-as-you-go pricing gives you control over your messaging costs, with discounts as you scale.

Phone TypeSMS Outbound*SMS Inbound*
Long Code$0.0546$0.00975
Mobile Numbers$0.0546$0.00975
Short Codes$0.0546$0.00975
Alphanumeric Sender IDs$0.0546-

Long Code: A 10-digit number for SMS, MMS and voice calls with localized identity.
Mobile Numbers: Phone numbers with mobile prefixes, validated as spam-free with a 120 day seven point inspection.
Short Codes: A short number (5-6 digits) designed for high-throughput two-way SMS messaging.
Alphanumeric Sender IDs: A Sender ID that represents your company name for one-way SMS messages.

User-Based Pricing

Pay per Active Monthly User

Our user-based pricing model is designed to be simple and cost-effective. You pay a fixed amount for each active user per month, with users counted once a month based on their unique identity.

Starting at $0.035 per active user per month
This pricing ensures that you only pay for the users who are actively engaged with the Conversations feature.

Media Storage Pricing

Pay per GB of Stored Media

The Conversations feature allows your users to enhance their communication by adding photos, videos, and other file types to their conversations. With our media storage pricing, you pay for the storage space your media occupies.

Starting at $0.175 per GB per month
This pricing covers the cost of storing media files associated with your conversations. It provides flexibility for businesses with varying media storage needs.

Updated on: 23/05/2024

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