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How to integrate LeadOwl to PhoneSites

To set up an integration of LeadOwl and PhoneSites you can follow these step-by-step instructions:

Step 1: Create a LeadOwl PhoneSites integration

Inside the LeadOwl dashboard, navigate to Integrations and click the Add New Integration button.
Click the PhoneSites logo in platforms list, read the instructions then click the Continue button.
Give a name for your integration and configure integration settings.
Copy your integration token then click the Integrate button.

Step 2: Configure PhoneSites Webhook

Log in to your PhoneSites account, navigate to My Websites then click the website that you want to connect with LeadOwl.
You'll see a list of pages that compounds your website, click one of them and go to Settings tab.
Scroll down to the Advanced section, paste your LeadOwl Integration Token on the Webhook(s) field then click the Save button.
Enable Default Fields on your form configuration.

Step 3: Test the Integration

Go to your Website page.
Fill in the necessary information for the fields you've configured.
Send your form data.
Verify that you receive the new Lead successfully at your LeadOwl dashboard.

That's it! Your PhoneSites integration should now be set up and ready to capture and send data to your specified URL whenever the designated event occurs. Test the integration thoroughly to ensure the data is being transmitted correctly.

Updated on: 23/06/2023

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