First you must create the Instapage web page you'll be integrating with LeadOwl.

In order to do this, log in to your Instapage account. Press Create New Page, then customize your page and press Publish. Now you're ready to integrate with LeadOwl. 

  1. Log in to LeadOwl. From the side navigation, click on Add Integration.

  2. Use the dropdown next to Add Integration for to select the user you'd like to integrate a page for. Then click on either Instapage or the Integrate button.

3. Copy the link under Step 1. You'll be pasting this in your Instapage account in order to integrate to LeadOwl.

In this example, the link is 

Choose a name to give your funnel, and paste the URL of your Instapage funnel or web page in the "Funnel URL" box.

Select your Push Delay from the dropdown.  The default is set for 0 for no delay so you instantly get leads.  

Select whether you want Reminders set to On or Off.  The default is set for On.

Once you have completed the form, click Integrate.

Log in to Instapage. Press your page name to launch the editor again. Press the form on your page and then click on Edit.  

From the top navigation bar, press Integrations.  Choose Webhook from the list.

In Step 1, paste your Webhook URL from LeadOwl.  
In Step 2, don't fill out anything and press Continue.
In Step 3, don't change anything and press Continue.
In Step 4, change the fields to be: 

First name ➡️first_name
Last Name ➡️ last_name
Email ➡️email
Phone ➡️phone

In Step 5, don't change anything and press Finish.  Then press UPDATE page.

 Hooray! You've connected your Instapage page to LeadOwl. 👍

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