When you set reminders within LeadOwl to On, LeadOwl will remind you or your clients that they have yet to follow up with a lead. 

When reminders are set for On, up to four reminders on each lead created will be sent out until followup is initiated. These reminders get sent out via the mobile app to you or your client 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes, and 24 hours after the first lead notification is generated. 

Once you or the client calls, texts, or emails the lead, LeadOwl will know and turn off the reminder for this lead automatically. 

Sometimes people just need friendly reminders to follow up with their leads. LeadOwl has you covered. 

Bonus:  When you are on the Agency LeadOwl plan, you have detailed analytics giving real-time data on your clients’ response times.

To turn reminders On or Off, go to Edit Integrations and click Edit from the Integration you'd like to turn On/Off using the toggle switch to set it. You also have the option of turning reminders On or Off when initially setting up an integration. 

Note:  The default for Reminders is set to On.

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