If you have an agency plan with LeadOwl, your clients or sales team users will be available in the dropdown. Select the user to assign this page to a user, making all the leads go to that specific account.  You will then get all the push notifications and reminders from leads generated!

Log in to your LeadOwl account 

From the navigation, click on Add Integration and then click on Leadpages.

A popup will appear where you will build the form that will be pasted on your Leadpages page to integrate to LeadOwl.

Select what you want included on your form:  Name, Email, Phone number fields, the Button Background Color, Button Text, and Button Text Color.  You include the URL/link where you want visitors to go after they opt in to the page in Leadpages you're connecting. 

For example: If I was connecting an awesome funnel all about LeadOwl, I may enter https://leadowl.com/pricing as the redirect field/URL.

Click on the Copy Form button. 

Next, you'll enter the details for Step 2.  Name the funnel. This will be displayed on the dashboard of your LeadOwl account so you know which funnel this is. 

Select your push delay from the dropdown, or keep it at 0 so LeadOwl sends out pushes with no delay.   

Select whether you want Reminders set to on or off. 

Click Integrate and you'll get a message that you now have connected!  🎉

Next up, head over to your Leadpages account for the last step. 

Go to the funnel page you're connecting. You'll now land on the Editor.

From the Widgets, click on HTML and drag to the area of the page you want on your form. 

Paste the form you created in LeadOwl in the box under HTML, and click the Save button.

Hooray! You've integrated your Leadpages page to LeadOwl. 👍

Note: You can also follow along with this helpful article from Leadpages, covering the HTML Widget adding code.

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