To set up separate emails and SMS for each client or sales team user you connect to LeadOwl, you can update their Quick Replies. 

  1. First, log in to your Agency LeadOwl account, and go to the Quick Replies tab. You need to do so on the desktop/web version of LeadOwl (not through the mobile app). 

  2. From the Quick Replies page, use the dropdown to select the client/sales team user you'd like to update the Quick Replies for.

3. Once you have selected the user from the dropdown, you're now viewing his or her  Quick Replies.

4. Select the email or SMS Quick Reply you want to change, and then click on Edit.

A popup will appear where you can edit the message. Enter the message you'd like and click Save

Now your client or sales team can use the Quick Replies you just saved from the LeadOwl mobile app. 

To learn more about Quick Replies, check out this article

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