When you click to text a lead from the LeadOwl app, your native texting app on your mobile device is used. LeadOwl first pre-populates it with the destination phone number or quick reply. You will press send to initiate the text just like you would any text message you are sending. 

The text itself is from your phone provider/carrier, not LeadOwl. LeadOwl is merely acting as a starting point for sending your text messages. 

When a lead replies to the text, it comes in through your native text app on your phone. This is unrelated to and outside of the LeadOwl app.

For example: 

Jane is using LeadOwl. Jane goes to reply to a lead from her LeadOwl mobile app. She clicks on the lead, clicks on text, then types a text to send out to the lead. The lead will receive the text message sent from Jane's phone [555-555-5555] and will reply back to Jane's phone number.

Note:  If Quick Reply on the phone for an SMS message is not repopulating the saved Quick Reply message, make some changes on your phone.  Make sure that the default is set to the native SMS app.  Also, remember to click on Save when you update the Quick Reply.  Go into Settings on the Android device, then SMS permissions. Toggle the permission for LeadOwl to OFF and then back to ON.  Go back into the app and try it. If the Quick Reply message still doesn't repopulate, open Messages and keep it open, then go back to LeadOwl and try to send the text.  It should then pre-populate the text.

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