Connecting MailChimp with LeadOwl 

  1. Log in to LeadOwl

  2. From the side navigation, click on the Autoresponder tab. 

  3. Using the dropdown, select who you want to connect an autoresponder for. 

  4. Click on MailChimp or the Connect button under MailChimp.

5. Next enter your MailChimp Username and Password, then click Log In

6. Wait for MailChimp to authenticate with LeadOwl. In a jiffy you'll get a success message and the account is now connected to MailChimp. 

7. Next you'll need to connect the funnel and select the list in LeadOwl. From the navigation, click on Integrations and then select the Manage Integrations option. Use the dropdown at the top of the page to select the name of who you are connecting.  

8. Find the page/funnel you'd like to connect and click on Edit

9. A popup will appear, look for Choose an Autoresponder List, and use the dropdown to select the list you'd like connected.  Click Update.  

That's it! Now new leads from the funnel will be added to the list in MailChimp. Pretty sweet.

*If you are and Agency Account holder setting up a Lead Rotator for your clients, the autoresponder integration will need to be set up under your clients name in order for the autoresponder to be integrated properly.

Note: The list must be created and exist on MailChimp before you can connect to LeadOwl.

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