If you run a sales team the lead rotator is gold! Often times you'll have multiple sales reps and you want to pass along or distribute leads to various sales reps. 

-Send leads to multiple sales people in a round robin type fashion
-Rotate leads as they come in between sales reps in your sales team
-Fairly and equally distribute leads to your sales team
-Or set maximum amounts of leads for your various sales reps to create maximums

When you set up the lead rotator, the sales reps or clients you add will get the leads rotated from that integration. 

So, if you had three sales people set on the lead rotator, the first lead would go to sales rep A, the second lead would go to sales rep B, the third lead would go to sales rep C and so on. You could set the maximum leads so sales rep A gets 10 leads, sales rep B gets 25 leads, etc. 

How to Set Up the Lead Rotator

Log in to your LeadOwl account. Click on Integrations.

Click on Add New Integration if you're creating a new one, or Manage Integrations if you're adding the lead rotator feature to an existing integration. 

In this example, we'll update an existing integration, so we'll click on Manage Integrations

Note: The page must be integrated with your agency account in order to use the lead rotator feature. Use the icon of the person at the top right, select your name, the Agency account holder.

Next, click on Edit for the Integration you want to set up the lead rotator for. 

Next you'll select whether you want to use the lead rotator for this integration.
The default is set to Off. Click to toggle to on so you can use the Lead Rotator. 

When the Lead Rotator is set to on, you'll see the users appear for you to select who to include in the lead rotator.

You can Add Rotator User by clicking on the Add Rotator User, you can remove a user by clicking on the red icon, and you can set the Max Leads. 

A minimum of 2 users must be selected to use the Lead Rotator. The Max Leads you enter will be the maximum amount of leads that user will be distributed by the Lead Rotator. 

In the example below, Joel would receive 10 leads from this integration with ClickFunnels. Joel and Kitty would get leads alternated (every other) as they come in from the ClickFunnels integration. Once Joel had received 10 leads from this integration into his LeadOwl account, the Lead Rotator would not distribute any more to him. 

You can edit the Max Leads or Remove users from the Lead Rotator at any time. 

Note: If you set a delay for the rotator the notifications for that integration are, by default, then turned off.

To save any updates or changes you've made, click on Update.

The Lead Rotator is now set up and each time a new lead comes in to LeadOwl, the leads will be distributed equally or based on the number you define to your sales reps or clients. 

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