An Agency Plan with LeadOwl is perfect for digital agencies and sales teams who generate leads for multiple clients or a sales floor. 

A Solo Plan with LeadOwl is perfect for integrating funnels and pages as an individual.

The Agency Plan

Pricing for the Agency Plan - $997/year or $97/month

As an agent/agency you can integrate funnels and pages for your clients or sales team, and they will have their own slimmed down LeadOwl account to log in and access their leads. LeadOwl allows an agent the ability to set up to 5 client accounts and have his or her own account to use LeadOwl. Don't worry.  You can always add more client or sales reps a la carte for $20/month per add-on.

Agency accounts also provide analytics and data on the clients/sales reps associated with their account. This feature allows agents to track response time, view analytics, provide real-time lead delivery to clients, and close more deals. 

With the agency plan, you can assign leads using the Lead Rotator so each time a new lead comes in to LeadOwl, the leads will be equally distributed to your sales reps or clients. 

The Solo Plan

Pricing for the Solo Plan - $297/year or $29/month

A solo plan with LeadOwl is perfect for integrating funnels and pages for an individual for your own company.  Solo plan users can see detailed stats on their response time, real-time lead delivery, and reminders about following up with leads.

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