As an Agency user you are able to add clients or sales reps from your LeadOwl account. Agency monthly and annual plans include 5 client/sales rep accounts. 

If you want to add more Clients or Sales Reps to your Agency plan, here's how.

First, log in to the web/desktop version of LeadOwl. From the side navigation, click on Clients from the side navigation. 

Now you're on the Clients page. Click on Additional Seats.

A popup will appear. Enter the amount of additional client seats you'd like to add. You can use the + or enter a number. Each additional client seat is $20/month.

For example, if you want to add 6 more clients seats, enter 6 and the order summary will show you that you will be billed $120 when you click to update your plan. 

Note:  If you want to change the card on file for billing, go to the Account page, make the change, and then come back to complete the purchase.

Enter the number of client seats, click on Update Plan, and your card on file will be billed. You'll be emailed a receipt for your purchase, and the new client/sales rep account will be added to your Agency account. You will see the client seats appear instantly.

The new slot is Available and shows a blue circle. This indicates it is available, and you can onboard at any time. 

To use a seat and get a client or sales team started with LeadOwl, click on Onboard Client.

A popup will appear so you can enter the client or sales rep's information to send out the invitation to LeadOwl.

Adding a client invites the client or sales team user to set up a LeadOwl account to access leads. 

You can add as many clients or sales reps to your Agency account as you like. Just go through the same steps again. 

Billing Note: Your additional add-on client or sales rep accounts will bill the day you add them and then monthly as LeadOwl will group them together as one charge.

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