LeadOwl has a push delay feature that allows you to set a time for push notifications. 

This is very useful if you have a funnel that has a presentation or VSL, and you want to delay receiving push notifications for a specific amount of time. 

For example: Real estate agent Jane wants her prospects to watch a 10 minute video presentation on trends on the real estate market. Jane sets her push delay to 10 minutes. This way after her prospect watches the 10 minute video, Jane will get a push notification from LeadOwl to follow up. 

How Do You Set a Push Delay?

Each Integration will show the Push Delay

When Push Delay is showing as Instant, there isn't a push delay set, so push notifications are sent immediately.  

Go to the Integration you want to set the push delay for. Click on Edit.

Use the Set Push Delay dropdown. Enter the number of minutes you want the push delay for.  You can select pre-set time frames or create your own.

Click Update

Tip: Want your pushes to come in an hour? Enter 60 in the Custom Time field.

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