When you set up an integration for a client or sales rep, be sure to use a familiar name for your client. 

This way when a lead comes in, the client will see that name, like Personal Training Funnel, and know what type of lead it is. This is useful when handling multiple funnels for a client who is passing leads for different audiences or offers. 

For example:
You name one integration Personal Training Funnel and another 90 Day Nutrition Funnel. This way the leads will have the name of the funnel displayed in the Lead Generate From field in the mobile and web app. 

Again, when integrating a funnel, the name you enter in the What Name Would You Like to Give This Funnel? field will be the name displayed for your Client within each lead. 

If a funnel were named Case Study Funnel, any leads that come in from LeadOwl will show Lead Generated From as the Case Study Funnel.  

You can also sort Leads by the various Integrations on the Leads page. Use the dropdown at the top of the page to select the user you'd like to view, and then use the dropdown from Integrations and select the Integrated Funnels for those leads. 

For example, this account has four funnels. Select any or all you want to filter. 

If you don't have any integrations, you won't have any to choose from.  
Be sure to Clear Filters when you're done with the session. 

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