Snooze allows the ability to set your work schedule so we don’t bother you when you are unavailable. Get more accurate analytics for response time.

LeadOwl will snooze your push notifications and reminders when you are not at work or you are asleep. 😴

Setting Up Snooze & Your Work Schedule

Log in to your LeadOwl account. From the top right where your name is, use the dropdown to go to Snooze

Once there, you will see the days of the week and an option to indicate when you will be at work and available.  

Don't worry, LeadOwl will always send leads to your account in real-time, but won't send you notifications or reminders until you're done snoozing. 💤

You can adjust your schedule for each day by changing the setting from "Available from" to "Always Available" or "Unavailable - Snooze." 

If you have an Agency account with LeadOwl, you can easily update Snooze for your clients or sales team by using the person icon. 

A list of the users will appear, you can click or search for the user you'd like to update the Snooze for.


Updating Snooze for always available, unavailable, and available from. 

If Max works on Wednesday from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM, you would adjust the Time In to 9:00 AM and the Time Out to 7:00 PM.  That would mean that he would not receive any push notifications or reminders earlier than 9:00 AM or later than 7:00 PM.  If Max prefers not to be working during the weekend, he would set "Unavailable - Snooze" on Saturday and Sunday.

When you click on Wednesday use the dropdown for Availability and select Available From. Now you can enter the Time In and Time Out.

Be sure to save your Snooze updates by clicking on the blue Save Snooze button. 

Tip:  You can set the time for each day by using copy and paste instead of setting each day individually using the pop-up tool.  That will save you a little time.

Applying The Snooze

You can make changes to your schedule as often as you like.  Each time be sure to save the updates by clicking on Save Snooze. 

When you click on Save Snooze, you will get the Success popup. Click on OK.

Once you click OK, your schedule is set and saved. 

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