If you are an Agency User, you can set the Snooze Schedule for your clients or sales reps. LeadOwl will snooze push notifications and reminders when clients or sales reps are not at work or asleep. 😴

How to Set Snooze for Your Clients or Sales Reps

Click on Account and then on Snooze.  You will see a drop-down menu there listing your clients or sales reps:  

Log in to your LeadOwl account. From the top right where your name is, use the dropdown to go to Snooze

Click on the person icon from the top right, under your account name. This will then pull up the various agents/clients in your LeadOwl account. 

A list of the users will appear, click or search for the user you'd like to update Snooze.

Applying The Snooze

You can make changes to your schedule as often as you like.  Each time be sure to save the updates by clicking on Save Snooze. 

When you click on Save Snooze, you will get the Success popup. Click on OK.

Once you click OK, Snooze is set and saved. 

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