Log in to your LeadOwl account. Click on Add Integration. 

Agency users: use the Add Integration for: and from the dropdown, select the client/sales rep account you'd like to integrate. 

Click on ManyChat.

Copy the webhook URL. 

Name the funnel, set the Lead Rotator, indicate the number of minutes and add that to the Set Push Delay, turn Reminders on or off, and then click Integrate.

Log in to ManyChat. 

Set up the automation. 

When setting a Custom Field for email or phone, be sure to select the Email or Phone option in the Reply Type dropdown and enable the Save [Email/Phone] to System Field option found below itby toggling the button on (green indicates "on").

This data will be displayed in LeadOwl within the lead itself so this is important. 

Any other data will be added to the notes section within a lead. 

Next, create an action using the External Request + Action option.
This is a PRO option via ManyChat.  

Note:  If you do not have the External Request option in your ManyChat account, you will need to apply to the API Beta in Settings for your account.

Click on + Action as an External Request. 

Set the Request Type to POST.
Now Paste the LeadOwl webhook URL in the Request URL field. 

Click on Body.

Then click on Add Full Subscriber Data.

Next, select Full Subscriber Data from the Variable Type dropdown. You will then see the data loaded in the Preview area on the right.

Selecting Full Subscriber Data will pass all data to LeadOwl. 

Click the Save button at the bottom-right of the page. 

Hooray! You've connected ManyChat to LeadOwl. 👍

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