🤔Advanced User Tip for ManyChat 

Looking to customize or trim the data from ManyChat to LeadOwl? Don't want all the data from ManyChat to be passed to LeadOwl and added to the notes section within a lead?

Here's How to Customize within ManyChat

Log in to ManyChat. 

Click on the flow or automation to get back to the Edit Request area you've already set up. The Edit Request will look like this.

Click on Body.

You'll see the Preview area on the right.  Because you clicked on the Body tab, you will see the data load the data in the Preview area. 

Next, Copy all the text that's contained in the Preview area.
Important: Copy everything, including the brackets { }.

Use your cursor/mouse and click on Request Body area.
Delete Full Subscriber.

Next, Paste in the Request Body area.

Instantly you'll see the code added in the Request Body area. You can now delete any data you don't want passed to LeadOwl. 

Anything that remains in the Request Body will be passed to LeadOwl, and added to the notes section for a lead. 

Once you're done, remember to click the Save button at the bottom right of the page.

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