If business or pleasure takes you on the road, your Snooze Schedule will still be set for the time zone you originally selected during your onboarding.  

Want to change your time zone so you can work wherever you are?  
Here's how you do it.

Log in to your LeadOwl account. Place your cursor over your name in the upper-righthand corner to reveal the Account Settings dropdown and click on Account.

Next, click on Update Settings. 

Under Update Settings, you will see the current Time Zone listed.  Click on that selection.  

In this account, "Arizona" is displayed.  Scroll through the time zones and select the time zone for where you will be during your time away.   In this case, our user is going to Hawaii. 🌴

Once you've selected the new time zone, be sure to click on the Update button to save the recent change.

Reminder:  Once you are back at home, be sure to change the Time Zone back so that your Snooze Schedule will match when you are available in your time zone.

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