When you first sign up with LeadOwl, your Agency Account includes a certain number of client or sales rep accounts.

You can add-on additional client or sales rep accounts and be charged monthly for addition clients. If at any time you want to remove an add-on client, follow these steps. 

First, log in to the web/desktop version of LeadOwl.

From the side navigation, click on Add Clients.

From the Add Clients area, scroll down to the client you're wanting to remove. 

Click on the red Credit Card icon for the Client you want to delete/remove. 

Once you do that, you'll get a second popup asking if you are sure that you wish to remove the client or sales rep account.  As the message indicates, once you delete the client account, you will not be able to recover this record.  

Click Delete if you really want to delete this client or sales rep. 

Just like that...the user has been deleted, and you'll be able to invite another client or sales rep to add to your Agency account. You also won't be charged for the client add-on as you've removed them from your account. 

TIP:  If you have deleted a Client but need to readd the Client back to your Agency account, contact LeadOwl Support. Each LeadOwl account is based on a unique email address, once an account is deleted, that email address cannot be used again. 

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