Integrating Facebook Leads + LeadOwl

⚠️ Important: Before integrating with Facebook Lead Ads, you must have a Facebook Business Page set up as an Admin and you must also be an Ad Account Admin on the page. 

The integration will not work unless you have the Facebook Business Page and are assigned Admin on the Facebook Ad Account before integrating with LeadOwl. 

Steps to Integrate Facebook Leads + LeadOwl. 

First, sign out of any browser windows or tabs you may have open with Facebook. You will need to sign out entirely when integrating FB Lead Ads with LeadOwl. 

Second, have the Facebook Lead Ad already created and approved/active in Facebook. 

Log in to your LeadOwl account. Click on Integrations.

Click on Add New Integration

If you are an Agency account user, you will need to select the user you'd like to set up the integration for next. Click on the person icon on the top right to choose a user. Select the user you'd like to set up the integration for. If you're a Solo account user, then you'll set up the integration for yourself.

Next, click on Integrate for Facebook Lead Ads.

Sign in to the Facebook account you're integrating with LeadOwl. You must be a Page Admin on this Facebook account to access the page. 

Enter the login credentials, and click on Continue as...

Select all the pages you want to use with LeadOwl. Check the box next to each page you want to integrate, and click on Next.

NOTE:  Removing the check mark for any other pages you (or your clients) have integrated previously will disconnect the existing integrations to those pages.

Next, Facebook will ask What LeadOwl is allowed to do.

Use the toggle and set to YES for LeadOwl to receive your email address, manage your pages, and access leads for your pages. Once each is set to YES, click on Done.

A message should now appear showing you've linked LeadOwl to Facebook. Whooooooray! 🦉

You'll be guided back to LeadOwl on this popup to finish integrating. You'll see the user you're setting up the integration for.

In this example Terry is having an integration set up with Facebook Lead Ads. 

Select the Facebook Page from the dropdown. This is the Page that will be integrating with LeadOwl, and leads from the Facebook Lead Ads will pass to LeadOwl instantly. 

Use the dropdown to select the Facebook Lead Form you'd like to use for this integration. You can select All Lead Forms, or any one of the lead forms being pulled from Facebook. The name of the lead form is what you have saved in Facebook. 

Finally, name the integration (this is the Integration name that you'll see in LeadOwl), set the lead rotator if you'd like, set the push delay, set reminders to on or off, select an auto responder list if you're connected, and click Integrate to save.

Hooray! You've connected Facebook Lead Ads to LeadOwl. 👍

Within the Facebook account, you must authorize LeadOwl as an integration as Facebook has updated its policies and you must check the box to save LeadOwl as a CRM. 

Now every time the selected Facebook Lead Ads form is filled out, the name, email, phone number will pass to LeadOwl instantly and you (or your client) will receive the lead in real time. 

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