Log in to your LeadOwl account. Click on Integrations followed by Add Integration.

⚠️ Agency users: Use the dropdown to select the client/sales rep account you'd like to integrate. In this example we've selected Terry.

Next, click on integrate Zapier.

A popup will now appear to Integrate LeadOwl to Zapier.

Step 1

You can connect LeadOwl using pre-built Zaps viewing LeadOwlers' favorite connections.

If you're familiar with Zapier, and ready to go, continue to Step 2. 

Step 2 - Integrate To LeadOwl

Name the integration, set the lead rotator on or off, click on the number of minutes for the Set Push Delay, turn Reminders on or off, enter the autoresponder list if you'd like to use one, etc.

Click Integrate to save. 

Next, you'll see the success popup. 

Copy the token by clicking the blue icon. The icon will turn green when you've copied it. 

You'll use this token in the next steps when adding it to your Zapier account.

Now you're ready to head over to create the Zap within your Zapier account.  

Log in to your Zapier account. 

From the top of the page, click Make a Zap!

In step 1, you will see the section "When this happens...".  This is where you will set your trigger.

Your Trigger is your data source, i.e. where will you be generating leads from

This example will use ClickFunnels, but the process is similar for any trigger.

Questions about using specific triggers should go to Zapier and/or the lead generator.
Select your trigger.

Having selected your trigger, Zapier walks you through each step. 

Here's what the ClickFunnels first step looks like:

Click the Save + Continue button on the page.

Each Trigger will have a different method to authenticate you as the user. Most commonly they will require either an API key or have you log in. You'll only need to do this once.

Since LeadOwl triggers are about lead generation, they'll usually ask you to identify which page or funnel. It's easy and should use a dropdown menu so you can select.

Here's what it looks like for ClickFunnels. First, you will select the ClickFunnels Account to connect:

Then, you will select your funnel and step of the funnel that you want the trigger to be applied:

Next, click Continue

You will be brought to Step 2, "Do this".  What this means is after Step 1 and the trigger is applied, what you want done with this information.  Here is where you will want to select LeadOwl:

With LeadOwl Selected, you will then be able to choose the event.  Since it is the lead information you are bringing over, select Create Lead for the Choose Action Event section.

You will then select your LeadOwl Account you are connecting.  

The first time you make a Zap with LeadOwl, you'll need to press the Connect an Account button:

You will want to Add the account from the option in the dropdown menu.  A popup will appear to paste the token code you had saved prior.  This will connect your account:

After you enter the token code and click Yes, Continue you will see your LeadOwl Account listed to be selected.  Select it, and click Continue:

You can now test your Zap by filling out the form that appears, and clicking the Test button.  It will reflect as successful when all the above steps have been done. 

Here you show Zapier where to connect fields based on the sample data from your Trigger. Click on the right side + icon for each field, and you'll see sample data.  Do this for each field.

Note: Some lead gen services will give you a field called name, with a full name like John Smith. Use that in the LeadOwl name field if you have it. Others might give you a separate first name and last name. For those, you can use the first name field, type a space, then use the last name field and put that all in LeadOwl's name field.

In the Notes field you can type text and add multiple fields from your data source, like fields that LeadOwl might not include. 

When your fields are set, click Continue.

Lastly, in the "Send Data" section, click Test and Continue.

The green "Test Successful" means that Zapier sent a sample lead! :

From there, you will see a button on the bottom of the screen indicating your Zap is turned off, and a toggle option to turn it on:

Toggle it "on".  After, you can also see the Zap is "on" near the upper right of your screen:

That's it! From now leads will be passing to LeadOwl.

💡Quick Tip: The test that is generated from Zapier will be going into the LeadOwl account you are integrating with. If you are integrating for a client/sales rep remember that they will get the test lead to their LeadOwl web/mobile app. 

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