Note: The Zapier integration is currently in beta. 

Log in to your Zapier account. 

From the top of the page, click Make a Zap!

Your Trigger is your data source, i.e. where will you be generating leads from
This example will use ClickFunnels, but the process is similar for any trigger. Questions about using specific triggers should go to Zapier and/or the lead generator. Select your trigger.

Having selected your trigger, Zapier walks you through each step.
Here's what the ClickFunnels first step looks like:

Click the Save + Continue button on the page.

Each Trigger will have a different method to authenticate you as the user. Most commonly they will require either an API key or have you log in. You'll only need to do this once.
[Need screenshot]

Since LeadOwl triggers are about lead generation, they'll usually ask you to identify which page or funnel. It's easy and should use a dropdown menu so you can select.

Here's what it looks like for ClickFunnels.

Next, click Fetch & Continue

And now click Continue.
The green "Test Successful" means that Zapier retrieved a sample lead!

Now you're showing Zapier how to drop ClickFunnels leads into LeadOwl.
Select LeadOwl.

Select Add Lead. Then click on Save + Continue

The first time you make a Zap with LeadOwl, you'll need to press the Connect an Account button:

You'll get a pop up where you enter your LeadOwl token that you've already copied from Step 1. You'll only need to do this one time. 

Paste it in the field and click on Yes, Continue.

Now you show Zapier where to connect fields based on the sample data from your Trigger. Click on the right side + icon for each field, and you'll see sample data from step 7. Do this for each field.

Note: Some lead gen services will give you a field called name, with a full name like John Smith. Use that in the LeadOwl name field if you have it. Others might give you a separate first name and last name. For those, you can use the first name field, type a space, then use the last name field and put that all in LeadOwl's name field.

In the Notes field you can type text and add multiple fields from your data source, like fields that LeadOwl might not include. When you're done it might look like this:


Click Continue.Zapier is showing you the test data it will send.
Click Send Test To LeadOwl.

Green! It worked, you should have received a lead in LeadOwl!

Turn ON your Zap!

That's it! From now leads will be passing to LeadOwl.

💡Quick Tip: The test that is generated from Zapier will be going into the LeadOwl account you are integrating with. If you are integrating for a client/sales rep remember that they will get the test lead to their LeadOwl web/mobile app. 

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