Log in to your LeadOwl account. Click on Add Integration.

Agency LeadOwlers: use the Add Integration for: and from the dropdown, select the client/sales rep account you'd like to integrate.

Click on PhoneSites.

Copy the POST Webhook.  

Name the funnel, set the Lead Rotator, indicate the number of minutes and add that to the Set Push Delay, turn Reminders on or off, and then click Integrate.

Log in to your PhoneSites account.

Click on the page you'd like to integrate with LeadOwl.

Next, click on the Settings icon, listed under Actions.

On the Settings page, scroll all the way down to Advanced.

the POST webhook you previously copied from LeadOwl in the POST Webhook(s) field. 

The link will look something like this example below. 

Next, click the Save button. 

Hooray! You've connected your PhoneSites page to LeadOwl. 👍

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