Private Calls Feature 

When set on, the Private Calls feature allows any LeadOwl users (client or agency) to contact leads through the mobile app while blocking their personal mobile phone information. The Private Calls feature uses *67 when set on, and calling out via the mobile app. 

How the Private Call Feature Works

The private calls feature automatically adds *67 to each phone number when you initiate a call from the lead detail screen of the LeadOwl mobile app. 

Log in to your LeadOwl mobile app and click Account from the navigation. 

From the Account area click on Private Calls

Use the toggle to Enable Private Calls.

Once you set the toggle to On, it will turn green. Your Private Calls are now enabled.

Now when you use the LeadOwl mobile app your phone number won't display to outbound calls.

*67 only works in North America (excluding Mexico), and may not work on your device, in your local area, or with your carrier. Use this feature at your discretion. 

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