This article shows you how to mark a lead when following up with leads through LeadOwl's web version, using a desktop or computer.

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Mark as Called Feature

First login to LeadOwl from your desktop or computer.

From the navigation, click on Leads.

Go to the lead you'd like to view, and click on the eye icon to view.

The details of the lead will popup. The name, email, phone, where the lead was generated from, status, notes, etc.

To have LeadOwl update a lead as called, simply click on the Mark As Called button.

Using the Mark As Called button instantly updates the lead as called (just like it would in the mobile app), and updates the response time for analytics tracking.

This feature is perfect for LeadOwlers using the web version/desktop version of LeadOwl when contacting leads.

For example, a chiropractic office using LeadOwl's web version, having the front desk assistant following up with leads using a landline or office phone. 

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